The Hideaway Cafe - St Petersburg's Original Listening Room! 1756 Central Ave, St Petersburg, FL 727.644.7895

About Us

The Hideaway Cafe was "officially" established in 2009 as a labor of love for owners, John and Nicole Kelly. Having met in Nashville, TN, John, singer-songwriter/studio engineer, and Nicole, IT Director/Interactive Marketing Manager, married their individual business ventures with the idea that they could offer a complete package to musicians and an original spot for music-lovers to congregate.

Prior to 2009, Hideaway Recording Studio was owned and operated as an extension of The Kellys' their mother-in-law suite behind their first home and later as the entire 1st floor of their home in Crescent Heights. As all good things tend to do, the Hideaway and its talented musician-base grew and branched into a commercial space in 2008, with the primary focus being studio recording. In this space, it became apparent that the Hideaway could offer more to its studio clients in the way of showcasing their finished product to an audience. Hence, the migration in 2009 to 1756 Central, where the concept grew into a space that would accomodate a music venue...The Hideaway Cafe...a perfect complement to the studio. In 2010, the venue expanded a bit more, doubling the occupancy and accomodating yet another one of John's artistic! Now, while music will always be the main entree, the hope is to satisfy more than just their audience's hunger for ORIGINAL music!

The Hideaway Cafe has been privileged to welcome hundreds of local and national acts to its stage since the doors opened in 2009...from Glen Phillips (former front-man of Toad the Wet Sprocket) to Ellis Paul, David Wilcox, Peter Mulvey, Matt Butcher, Bryan Elijah Smith, Rebekah Pulley, Chris Pureka, Dan Bern, Rebecca Loebe, The Sarah Mac Band, Dustin Overbeek....too many to list here....the list goes on and on and on! See our ARTIST PAGE for the complete picture of the amazing list of talent that has taken the stage here!

The Beginning...

John Kelly, Studio Engineer / Singer-Songwriter / Hideaway Founder
In 1995, John moved to Nashville from New Jersey in pursuit of his dream, later realizing that he could have a hand in enabling others to pursue theirs. Always willing to sit back and be a utility player for other musicians, the writing was on the wall for John to take his place on the production side of things, enabling singer-songwriters to come to his studio with an idea and walk out with a finished product. John is currently in production mode on his 10th album and continues to be seen out and around the Tampabay area at a festival or a charity event and, on occasion (when he can step away from the mixing console where he vows to make everyone sound their best), sharing the stage with the musicians that find their way to the Hideaway Cafe.

John brings the right brain, creative side to the table in this Kelly venture. With his background in music technology and his ad agency beginnings with Gish Sherwood & Friends, John is well versed in the needs of the singer-songwriter and has opened up the doors for them in the realm of EPKs, demos and an all around complete web presence and marketing strategy.

John has owned and operated Hideaway Recording Studio since 1999 and has been able to address the online needs of the musician in this new music market, where the power is more in their hands than ever to extend their reach and make their mark with the internet as their vehicle.

Nicole Kelly, Director of Interactive Marketing
It was a quirk of historical timing that Nicole headed to Nashville and started her Engineering degree at Vanderbilt when there was hardly an Internet to speak of. There she took her left brain tendencies and found her calling with her newfound love of Music City. And it was there that her love of music found her in good company with Cross-Eyed Chicken lead-man, John Kelly.

With 15 years experience in web design and development, there's no industry left untouched in Nicole's portfolio. From healthcare to finance, music to broadcast entertainment, Nicole has experience in branding and identity, graphic design, database development and practical, process-driven web development and search engine optimization.

Joining in perfect harmony with right brainer, John, this Kelly venture is complete, and the services available to Hideaway's musician clientele is without limits.

Jackson Kelly, Percussionist Extraordinaire
At the age of 10, this young Kelly has continued the musical trend on to the next generation. You might get lucky and catch him on the stage backing up some local talent on the drums. Mom likes to point out that he's been drumming for 11 years despite the fact that he's only just celebrated his 10th birthday. Always "along for the ride" to his Dad's gigs before he was born, she swears he was drumming to the beat in-utero! Jackson has been seen on stage at Taste of Pinellas as well as the Saturday Morning Market and is already building his fan base.

Brennan Kelly, Host with the most
This youngest Kelly is perhaps the most social of the bunch. Brennan can be found greeting the "Living Room Live" newcomers and playing host to the travelling acts that find their way to the Hideaway Cafe green room. Like father like son! Brennan can also carry a tune and has taken a liking to the fiddle, thanks to Rebecca Zapen.