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Barely Pink

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Few things are without precedent and rock 'n' roll bands are no exception. Initially inspired by the masterful pop sounds of Cheap Trick, Brian Wilson and Todd Rundgren, Barely Pink — named after a lipstick color referenced in that touchstone of kitsch, Valley of the Dolls — plays the kind of tuneful and powerful rock 'n' roll that compels the listener to sing along at the top of their lungs, whether alone in the car or at a standing room-only concert. The recent successes of mainstream modern pop-rock acts such as Everclear and Vertical Horizon, combined with a realization within indie-rock circles that melody and harmony are in fact cool (this week, at least) signal that the times may indeed be a-changing and fans of quality tune-filled rock 'n' roll are alive, well and in abundance. Conditions are more than favorable for what one reviewer was moved to call "the melodic brassiness and lyrical sassiness" that are "distinctly Barely Pink" to capture the imagination of the rock 'n' roll nation.

Fronted by vocalist/guitarist Brian Merrill, the voice of seminal Tampa Bay combos Parade In Paris and Factory Black, the foursome's ranks include guitarist Mark Warren, bassist Michael Hoag (both formerly of the Leonard Croon Band) and seasoned music biz veteran, drummer/vocalist Stan Arthur. Together, they are resolved to spread some irony-free rock 'n' roll bliss with music that is, as Merrill puts it, "less frosting, more cake."

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