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Kidney Transplant Donor Needs Your Help this Saturday, Feb. 6th

The Hideaway Cafe & Recording Studio Breaking News:
Thu, 11/26/2015 - 12:05am

My very good friend and YOUR favorite bartender, Christian Hern, needs our help! Christian is donating a kidney to a 28 year old woman he's just recently met. Cassey Sanger has spent the last 6 years on dialysis and, in her words, has been "waiting for a miracle". Well our good friend, Christian, has offered her one.

After tests proved Christian was a good match, the plan was to travel to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN in a few months, giving him ample time to get his finances in order. Due to some extenuating circumstances, he needs to leave in a couple of weeks. In order to defray the costs of travelling and the loss of income he will incur over the next month, Christian's family, friends and we at The Hideaway have decided to hold a fundraiser this Saturday, February 6th at 12:00 noon. Of course getting him there is the key, but what's at stake is the big picture. If you know Christian at all, you know he would rather not have the attention but, in this case, will accept it if it will provide the means necessary to get the job done. This is something Christian has felt very strongly about ever since his good friend was diagnosed with kidney failure some years ago.

So, please join us this Saturday at noon for an all day affair which will include raffles, silent auctions, and plenty of music. Please bring by auction items and raffle donations of your choosing any day this week. No gift is too small. So far we have a Fender banjo, studio time, an hour massage, an hour facial and some restaurant gift certificates....and would love to see this list continue to grow. The Old Northeast Tavern, The Moon Under Water and others will be providing food and gift certificates. If you know of any other business that might want to contribute please have them contact us at 727-644-7895.

I'm attaching a letter from Cassey sent to Christian's mom that I think you'll want to read... thanks for your support!

Letter from Cassey to Christian's Mom271.43 KB


Donations donations!!!

Just wanted to let you all know that in the few hours since this event was posted, we've received several auction items including... Restaurant Gift Certificates, Food baskets, CDs, Massages, Facials and even one from an old friend from New Jersey (Thanks Kirsten). Go to the event page to find out more. It just goes to show that you're never too far to help. Thank you all for your speedy response and support! john