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Bryan Elijah Smith

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Bryan Elijah Smith

Bryan Elijah Smith was born and raised in a small country town in Virginia called Dayton. He milked cows on a Dairy Farm for 6 years until October 2008. That's when he moved to New York City for half a year until March 2009. He spent all his time in New York playing music as much as humanly possible. But fields, horse and buggies, sweet tea, local country stores that sale live worms for fishin', & the fresh stench of cow manure will always be signs of home for him. Born in 1986, he's been playing the good old guitar since the age of 5, the drums, bass & piano since the age of 10, and has relentlessly been a singer/songwriter since the age of 18. He writes, records, and produces all his tunes. He's currently recording a bunch of new songs and playing music for a living in the Shenadoah Valley.

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