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Caravan of Thieves

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Caravan of Thieves

When Fuzz and Carrie Sangiovanni of Caravan of Thieves first met, there was an instant spark, an intimate connection and passion for life and adventure, which has continued through their personal and artistic relationship. In the spring of 2008, Fuzz and Carrie extended their journey to include fiery violinist Ben Dean and double bass maestro, Brian Anderson completing their colorful vision. Since then, the four of them ran away from home and never looked back.

Within that first year, Caravan of Thieves began to win immediate praise for their unique blend of gypsy swing and popular music, inspiring them to record and release the debut full-length album Bouquet (2009). To accompany this collection of dramatic and satirical tales, they built an interactive stage set of percussive junk and the quartet took their newly animated show on the road, sharing stages with world renowned artists such as Emmylou Harris, Dan Hicks, Glen Campbell, Nanci Griffith, The Decemberists, Keb Mo, Tom Tom Club, Iron and Wine, Punch Brothers, Tony Trischka, John Hammond, John Jorgenson and many others. The Caravan successfully connected with audiences on each of these diverse bills, proving their act to be understood and appreciated by folk, pop, rock and jazz audiences of all ages. The group continued to reach new fans with each release, Mischief Night (2010) and The Funhouse (2012).

Now the group gear up for their newest release, KISS KISS, which comes out March 31. KISS KISS combines the dark humor and sarcastic social commentary of their previous efforts with an added emphasis on love and all the beauty and danger it brings. They have created the music to match, adding in tuba, beat box, and everything including the kitchen sink to draw listeners in to the Caravan of Thieves’ world.

According to Fuzz and Carrie, “We enjoy writing about concepts that most listeners can relate to while seeing how far we can bring it to the edges of our imaginations, and try to use as many unexpected images and comparisons as we can to illustrate them. One of the main themes behind KISS KISS is love, which is already so complex, so we tried to cover as many angles as possible, the good the bad and yes, even the ugly.”

KISS KISS finds Caravan of Thieves expanding their wheelhouse further than ever before. On “Disappear,” Spanish guitar style and Middle Eastern string arrangements accompany haunting vocal melodies. The fun and festive feel of “Home” is colored by the tuba, marching snare, bass drum and cymbals, along with circus organ and lots of colorful chimes. “Dead Wrong” reflects on love gone wrong, with dark lyrics and a bluesy melody conjuring up an old timey feel. “Must Be Love” takes the opposite approach, about being head over hells in love, with lush strings and dreamy orchestra bells.

Caravan of Thieves hearken back to a day gone by, the swing era, when music and entertainment reached a creative height but was not yet diluted by big business and commercialism. Tin pan alley songwriters, late romantic and early 20th century classical composers, early jazz and swing musicians and vaudeville entertainers guided them to the sound they made their own. Artists such as Duke Ellington and Django Reinhardt brought an elegance and style along with a fun and free spirit and precision craftsmanship to their music, which Caravan have taken in and absorbed.

According to Fuzz and Carrie, “Our ultimate goal is to always thoroughly entertain our audience, in concert and on our records, and to build a community who we can feel connected to, and who feels connected to us. As we see it, or maybe just imagine it, the traveling camps of gypsies or traveling circus performers lived outside the social norms, lived a more bohemian lifestyle. They had communities and families they were a part of and made music and performed with them. This is the world we are trying to create. We avoid living a life that might be expected of us through social norms and conformity, and we live to create these communities
through our music. And we try to embody the spirit and liveliness of the old time entertainers to help invite more and more people into our timeless world.”

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