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Christian Hern "Gift of Life" Fundraiser

Saturday, February 6, 2010 12:00pm

2/17/2010 - Post-op Update
2/10/2010 - Read the St Petersburg Times article
2/08/2010 - We reached our goal...and passed it right by! $6645!!!!!
2/01/2010 - The Story Behind the Event

The "Gift of Life" fundraiser was a great success! Thank you to the incredible friends and family that pitched in to make this day a reality....Bridget, Angie, Tara, Melizza and Shannon for all of their help with the silent auction and the raffle tickets! Thanks to Shannon VanAlsburg for inspiring the artwork to start the ball rolling! Thanks to Jessica Dwyer for scouring downtown St Pete for every last possible donation! Thank you to our amazing St Petersburg Business Community (and even our own Hideaway patrons) who kept the donations pouring in - we live in such a great place! See our incredible list of donated auction and raffle items along with the donors that made it all possible! And a huge thank you to Jon Borel and even our guest of honor, Christian, for helping with everything else we needed to have happen (ASAP) throughout the day! Thank you especially to all of our musicians who made this day so great! We not only raised money for a very deserving man, but we had fun doing it and had great music as our momentum to keep it going well into the night....

Steve Tolliver and Colin Ward
The Woodshed Band w/ Henry Ashwood
John Allison
Jayne Kelli
Joe Milligan and Shannon VanAlsburg
Colleen Hart
Tim Williams and Taz (w/ Dave York)
John Kelly Band
Pete Merrigan, TC Carr, Vinny Seplesky
Steve Arvey

If you would still like to contribute to the cause, feel free mail your donation to Christian Hern at PO Box 959, St.Pete, 33731.