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Friction Farm

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Friction Farm

Friction Farm is guitarist/vocalist Aidan Quinn and bassist/vocalist Christine Stay. Their strong musicianship and keen songwriting sensibilities make Friction Farm instantly likeable. They are Kerrville New Folk Finalists, Falcon Ridge Emerging Artsist, winners of the South Florida Folk Festival songwriting competition and finalists at the Susquehanna Music Festival.

“...infectiously hummable tunes...” New Times Magazine

Friction Farm’s latest recording, “Every Mile Is A Memory” offers nine focused observations; a few immediate, a few through the filter of time, and a few tempered with some humor. The modern folk duo enlisted Tom Prasada-Rao to produce “Every Mile Is A Memory”. The CD is little more stripped down and straight forward than previous Friction Farm CDs, with Jagoda on percussion and Pat Wictor playing lap steel on the opening track. Prasada-Rao also adds texture to several songs with mandolin, violin, even sitar.

With just two people and two instruments, they create a lot of sound and a diverse repertoire. Friction Farm’s sound is built around Aidan’s the big jangly guitar strum. He’ll hypnotize your feet into tapping along, then snap you out of it with some intricate flat picking.

“Aidan Quinn’s skillful lead guitar licks gave Friction Farm an edge of rock...” Ink 19

Christine has a vocal and lyrical intensity that conveys a wide range of expression, intimate and vulnerable in one song, powerful and angst ridden in the next. With Aidan’s vocal thrown in the mix they recall classic 60's harmonies.

“Whether singing at a near whisper or belting for the rafters, her vocal confidence and melodic tone
never waiver.” City Link Magazine

Delivering a quite ballad or an anthem, Friction Farm is a dynamic duo on stage, they might tell you a story that invites you into the depths of a meaningful song and then stomp their feet on the stage until you want to jump up and dance and forget it all.

“...a knack for writing catchy hook-filled songs and delivering them with unbridled energy...” Palm Beach Post

He’s from Berkeley, she’s from Woodstock. They met in college where he was a guitar playing geologist and she was an engineer. Aidan is from a family of musicians, he comes by his talents honestly and naturally. Christine didn’t even think about music until after graduating college. She learned to play bass just to join in with Quinn’s hobby but discovered a love for performing and for writing. Together they make a formidable team with a real yin and yang approach to music and lyrics, melody and harmony.

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