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Jonathan Gluck and The Wayward Kind

Adult Alternative
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Jonathan Gluck

Growing up in the small town of Chipley FL. Jonathan found his escape in the form of music at the young age of 14. “Some friends of mine had some guitars and a drum set and we were just like ‘Hey, lets start a punk rock band’”. Jonathan began playing locally in front of live audiences at 15 years old and continued to do so until he turned 18 when he joined up with regional touring band Little Girl Lost. “ It was so surreal, I mean most kids when your 16 dream about playing in the World Series, I just wanted to tour around the country playing shows and living out of a van… and I was doing it” So, at 19 years old Jonathan moved to Tallahassee Fl, and began touring and working full-time. But, after just one year in Tallahassee Jonathan began to become frustrated as a songwriter. “The band I was playing in at the time…I found it hard to really distinguish our sound from so many other bands plus, I knew something was changing in me. I was experimenting with different sounds and ways to write a song and the band wanted to move into a more hard rock sound that I was not into at all.” So, after leaving the band Jonathan moved back to his home town and immediately started writing. “ I knew once I left that band I was completely on my own but, it didn’t bother me because now I can write the music that I have always wanted to.” So over the next year Jonathan did nothing but write music, record it, and listen to it. “ I really found my influences, Everything from Ryan Adams, Conor Oberst, John Mayer, Sam Beam, to Bob Dylan, Jeff Tweety, and Towns Van Zandt.” “ I had some home demos that I recorded in my bedroom so, just to see what peoples reaction to them would be I created a myspace and uploaded the tracks and, I was really surprised by what people were saying.” Jonathan began to quickly gain plays, views and friends from his myspace. It was then he decided that he was going to pursue this full-time. “ I scraped together what money I could, took out a loan, and booked some studio time at Sony in Nashville TN. Jonathan recorded his debut solo EP “ It All Starts Here” in just three days… “ So, here I am…since recording and releasing this EP in 2008. I’ve had one song selected and played for the television show “Dr. G. Medical Examiner” I’ve signed 7 licensing contracts for more television shows such as, MTV’s “The Hills“, “The City“, “The Real World“, “Real World Road Rules Challenge“, and “Parental Control”. I was invited to play at the 2009 Red Gorilla Music Festival in Austin TX, I have almost ONE MILLION plays, and over 25,000 friends on MYSPACE, and the record is in rotation at 199 college radio stations across the country!” Jonathan has now been a D.I.Y singer-songwriter for just over two years and… it seems like there’s no stopping him. “ I love music… I just find it’s the perfect way for me to say what I’ve always wanted to say or what I should’ve said but didn’t.” I just can’t see myself doing anything else.”

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