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My Disease

Showdown Week: 
Week 1
there has been suffering in humanity since the world began. its my belief that we live in a fallen world and no matter how many times we reach for perfection, as long as we are acting on wordly strength, we will fall short. This song is a statement, or maybe even a proclamation of truth, that inside of us all somewhere is a love that surpasses worldly strength, logic, and understanding, and this love is the one and only answer to the problems and sufferings of this world. This song is also a recognition that there are "diseases" at work trying to hide the existence of this love (the cure) from the world, and this song is also my admittance that my own personal diseases that keep me from this love are comfort and complacency.

verse 1:

In front of me lays a beautiful old wooden treasure chest
and on it rests a pot of coffee and some cigarettes
But inside of me lays a different kind of treasure chest
the kind hidden so deep you can go searching all your life and miss
the treasures lost in time, waiting to be found and given to mankind
released to free the widow, orphan, and the refugee


Love is the answer to these times
of death we bring to enemies so different we do not realize
that evil exists on both the sides
but so do the cries of children, to pick and choose which sides worth more is a crime

verse 2:

In back of me, a mirror on the wall reflecting my disease of complacency
comforted by false idols that convince me I deserve something
just because this flag of red and white and blue flys high above my head
while there is fear, and tears and poverty and dread all across the world
and worst of all we're said to be the nation of the Lord and God of peace
but all we are is another empire full of greed

Booth Jewett
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Booth Jewett