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The Future of the Hideaway Cafe & Recording Studio

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For Immediate Release

The Hideaway Cafe recently announced some changes to our weekly format that has been in place for the last 3 years and we would like to answer some questions you might have. The Hideaway will continue its mission to offer up the best in original music as we move in this new direction. As stated in our last communication, the remaining shows scheduled in June and July will carry on as scheduled, including our first Thursday "In the Round" with Dean Johanesen. Starting August 2012, we will focus our attention on three main elements:

  • Hideaway Cafe's Local/Regional/National Spotlights and Showcase Events
  • Hideaway Productions
  • Private Events

The first of these is what many of you have come to know us for and we promise to continue to bring you the best listening room and stage for showcasing artists near and far. In order to do what we do best and to promote these events properly, we are turning our focus to quality over quantity. Starting in August, we may have 5 events a month, we may have 10. One thing is certain - one of those events will be dedicated to maintaining our beloved "Living Room Live". We have decided based on the tremendous support this past week to continue to bring this to you...but on a grander scale. Our hope is that by moving this to a new once/month regimen (every first Tuesday), we will be able to continue to give St Petersburg the chance to take in this gift of music from its tremendous pool of talent in the comfort of "our living room" and, by incorporating some new elements, take it to an even higher level of appreciation. The number of showcase events will be based on what we believe we can properly devote our attention to in terms of promoting and giving our artists the attention to detail that they deserve. These events will be posted on our website as well as our Facebook timeline and will, for the most part, take place on Fridays and Saturdays, but we remain open to the schedules of the artists at the center of it all. That being said, the audience, too, will be guaranteed to benefit in the up-close and intimate nature of these events. By scaling back the number of events, we believe we can put more effort into each show and offer all that we have at our disposal to make each event a unique experience.....which brings us to element #2.

The Hideaway Cafe has its beginnings in the recording studio, which was brought to life in Nashville out of our home and has since blossomed into a commercial space and a shared passion, now offering fellow musicians the best in audio production, mixing and mastering. The intent in building the cafe was to give those artists a stage and a place to bring their audience to showcase their new work. In this new direction we are headed, we hope to return to some of the simplicity of our origins. On that same note, we have grown in what we can now offer. Some of you can attest to the fine videography that has come out of the "Hideaway Backstage" Sessions and the music videos that have been produced here courtesy of Creative Bundle's David Allison. With a full video and audio production house, there is nothing that can't be accomplished in documenting and preserving the moments offered up by the showcases that we have been so lucky to witness on this stage. We hope that this service will be brought to the surface of what we can offer St Pete and that the portfolio of work that has been done thus far will serve as a testament. Hideaway Productions is proud to present, as its first body of work, - a glimpse into our local music community from the eyes and ears of this talented production team and evidence of the long history of incredible talent found right here in our own backyard. Look for the launch of this website in July and be on the lookout for Hideaway Productions to be present and accounted for wherever original music is shining in our community.

And rounding out the offerings, Hideaway Cafe is proud to be able to offer our space to you for your special events. We have had the pleasure of seeing musicians come together in new collaborations. We have had the pleasure of opening up our "living room" to you for engagements, wedding ceremonies, rehearsal dinners, family reunions, graduation parties, retirement parties, VIP "after" parties, charity events, awards banquets, student education, music classes and conferences, family name it. We have seen some beautiful moments celebrated here - and at the core of it all - great music! And that's why we built it. We didn't set out to start a restaurant. We started out to create a space for sharing our passion with our friends and family. Now let us know how we can help share yours with those that matter in your life.

We hope to see you taking in some original music with us in the near future. We will continue to keep you informed via our weekly e-newsletters and will keep our calendar of events available on our website at and on our Facebook timeline at Stay with us and let's continue making musical memories together and let's be sure that St Petersburg's solid reputation as an art mecca is known to include some pretty incredible music! Thank you for your support, St Pete.

John and Nicole

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Moving Forward with The Hideaway and the Kelly's

Thanks for taking the time to lay out your plans.

Over the past couple of years, since I moved to St Pete, the Hideaway Cafe and Recording Studio provided me with the opportunity to sharpen my ear and my playing skills, step up to the mic and work on my vocals, hear some great talent and get to know a lot of musicians.

I will see you soon at the events you mention, and back in your studio as Paul, Larry, Rick, and I (aka "Not Broken Yet") put the push on completing and releasing our 1st CD together.

I wish you even more success as you move forward.

Thanks for being here Nicole and John.

Take care,
John Stone