The Hideaway Cafe - St Petersburg's Original Listening Room! 1756 Central Ave, St Petersburg, FL 727.644.7895

Hideaway's Grand Opening - A Huge Success!!!!!!

Thank you thank you thank you to all who came to the Hideaway's debut! We had such a great time. I know it was such short notice, but I wanted to get something happening as soon as possible. Its one thing to build the thing - now we have to keep it running! There will be a calendar of Hideaway's upcoming events posted on both the Hideaway's website, which is currently undergoing a redesign, as well as my own calendar here at And I promise to give you a better heads up!

I'd like to give a special thanks to Steve Arvey, Jay Kiernan, Joe Milligan, Shannon VanAlsburg, Stan Arthur and Jenn Ohlsen for lending their talents and making Friday a night to remember and giving you a peak at what's to come. Another special thank you to Christian Hern for all his help not just behind the bar but actually building it too. Great job Christian... all around! Thank you Rob and Tammy Rehnke. Clyde Moreland and Bert Savell for the studio warming gifts... I just love em'. Bert, I'll save that bottle of wine for your first session... Cheers!

Another very special thank you to Bob and Mark from The Old Northeast Tavern and now "Pizza" place for providing all the food Friday night. Thank you guys so much. I'm sure you made a few new customers.... great job!

Thanks Jeff Martin for lending us your kit. We missed ya man. So sorry I scheduled it on a night Tim and Geni couldn't be there... "next one guys"!!! That very cool round table in the middle of the cafe btw was built by Mr. Tim Poole. Thanks Timmy!!!

Hideaway's next showcase event will feature Jose Valentino and his Latin band, including Grammy winner Lannie Battistini on May 15th. And Matt Butcher and the Revolvers will be coming in from Orlando on May 23rd for the Hideaway's first travelin' band showcase event. This event is sponsored by Rob and Tammy Rehnke and John and Trudy Cooper.

Tickets for all Hideaway Cafe events can be purchased