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Jaden South Delivered...

Thank you to Jessica and Deborah from Jaden South and Jayne Kelli for creating an atmosphere of beautiful music and storytelling last night. The Hideaway was packed and fixed (as was I) from the get go...a true testament to the incredible songwriting, playing and singing abilities they brought us. The icing on the cake was the simple and unavoidable fact that they were just so darn nice. They made a point to speak with just about everyone in the room and were such a joy to work with. Thanks for the treat, ladies! (Keep an eye out in early December - lightning may strike twice - December 4th, I think).

Thanks to all who made it out last night. You keep this thing going with your support. I'd like to also thank Rick Olsen and the folks from EMIT for bringing us Jack Rose Thursday incredible night of guitar playing. Also, thank you to Joe Milligan, Jay Kiernan, Shannon Van Alsburg, David York, Colin Ward and Jayne Kelli for warming up the stage.

We hope to see you for some Tuesday night "GAB" or Thursday night "Living Room Live", which will resume its normal routine this week.

Our next big event welcomes Rebekah Pulley with Joe Milligan October 2nd. More to come on the subject, but all for now...

See ya at the Hideaway.



Jaden South

Just read your comments John. You don't know just how much I wanted to be there. I'm coffee in the lobby of our hotel in Pennsylvania looking forward to my next Thursday night at The Hideaway!!