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Grant Peeples

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Grant Peeples

In 1995 Grant Peeples divested himself of what he owned in America and moved to a remote Caribbean island off the coast of Nicaragua. After eleven years of official ex-patriot status, he sold the small hotel he had built there and returned to his native North Florida. And ever since, he’s been writing and singing songs about what he found and faced upon his return home.

Released in April of 2008, Peeples’ “It’s Later Than You Think” (his second record since his homecoming) speaks in a clean but brooding Americana sound. He’s a finger-in-your-eye songwriter. Biting, edgy and irreverent. Singing his thinking-man’s songs in an articulate twang and growl. Part Prine, part McMurtry, part Che Guevara. Environmentally and politically charged, and yet there’s poignant love songs, too. All of it swinging and crashing from the wry and witty…to the dark and angry.

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