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Pat Barmore

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Pat Barmore

Pat Barmore grew up in the space program: his father designed guidance systems for spacecraft. He spent his youth cris-crossing the United States from Maine to California with his family of “space program gypsies,” following project to project. When Pat was 11, the Barmore family hit Indian Rocks Beach and stayed a year. Pat remembers: “There was only one paved road, the waters were clear and plentiful. I was Huckleberry Finn in Paradise. I fell in love with Florida. I returned at age 15 and the affair has never waned.”

Pat, who has been writing songs and poetry since grade school, is a graduate of Largo High School, St. Petersburg Junior College and the University of South Florida. Pat has performed all across the state of Florida, including the annual Florida Folk Festival and the St. Petersburg Times Festival of Reading. Songs from his three albums (“Flatwoods,” “High Tide,” and “Postcards from Florida”) are played regularly on WMNF and other Florida radio stations. These include his popular “I Love Florida,” “High Tide,” “Billie Bow Legs,” and “Blue Moon Party”. He is currently co-host of weekly Florida Folk Night singer-songwriter shows at the Sloppy Pelican (St. Pete Beach, Thursdays) and Kojak’s House of Ribs (Palmetto, Tuesdays) and producer of large scale festival shows across Florida, including Withlacoochee, Chokoloskee and Limestone.

His songs sing of real people with real joys and sorrows, stressing great emphasis on the value of family, friends, lovers, and honkytonks and how each fits inn society and enriches everyone’s lives. One of his specialties involves stories and songs from the Florida “flatwoods.” Before the Civil War, “the flatwoods” was the broad term used to describe the wild territory south of the Okeefenokee, which attracted fugitives from justice and seekers of freedom -- runaway slaves and Native Americans fleeing government oppression. “It was in these Flatwoods a culture was born. After World War II and the invention of affordable auto and home air conditioning, another Florida culture evolved from ‘roadside attractions’ run by their resourceful descendents,” says Pat.. “An unwritten code of confederacy existed for the residents of the Chimp Farm of Dania, the carnies of “Gibtown,” moonshiners and gator hunters of Chokoloskee, Keys fishermen, swamp hermits, cowboys of the Central Florida Highlands, the Africans and the Seminoles: a code that respected the heritage and culture of each indigenous component of the Flatwoods culture.”

The original words and music of Pat Barmore mirror the evolution of culture in Florida from the perspective of someone who loves the diversity of its peoples and natural wonders. Pat performs as a solo act , in a duo with songwriter Pete Gallagher or with his full band The Fugitive Kind.

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