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Rebekah Pulley

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Rebekah Pulley


Rebekah began playing the guitar at the age of fifteen and was encouraged by her father Wallace, a full time country-western musician who played and traveled the country with, among others, early rock-a-billy pioneer Charlie Ryan. Her mother Joan, a former stripper turned housewife and born again Christian also came from a musical background. Joan's mother traveled and played the upright bass with Tennessee Ernie Ford and such performers of the day. It's no wonder most of Rebekah's childhood memories were from a Winnebago.

Rebekah quickly took to songwriting as a form of release as well as emotional expression. This proved to be a useful tool in a family of eleven that was constantly on the move. After Rebekah was born her parents had removed themselves from entertainment that wasn't "of the lord", instead dedicating their lives to a strict religious doctrine. Their new way of life often called for long stays in remote areas as well as long journeys on the road. These strange surroundings and sometimes suffocating effects would reflect on Rebekah's musical styling's for a lifetime to come.

2001's acoustic recording, A Brand New Day was the beginning of a cycle in which many years were spent breaking from the dogma of organized religion. This is perhaps most clear on the CD's 2nd track, 'A Friend In Jesus'. A Brand New Day was self-produced in a friend's home studio and captures a real sense of intimacy between Rebekah, her guitar and the microphone.

2004 found Rebekah in the studio working on the critically acclaimed Here In The Real World, blending reflections of heartache, love, self discovery and worldly chaos through both acoustic melodies and full band arrangements. A pendulum of stylings swinging from turbulent rock numbers such as 'Too Far Gone' to the somberly unwound 'Alive'.

Songs of Southern Zen from Pen and Paper to the Electric Den was released in the spring of 2006 after three years of performing with her band The Reluctant Prophets. The full band experience was successfully preserved and pressed onto disc like a dozen roses compressed through the pages of an epic novel. The twelve tracks contained gritty hooks, jazz inflected vocals and charming harmonies wrapped up in a water tight rhythm section. Zen went on to become a top ten album played on WMNF for both 2006 and 2007.

Rebekah's latest release Back to Boogaloo (Fall 2008) is secured firmly in the roots of Americana while branching out and reaching new heights. Early reviews of the CD have been glowing. "Rebekah leaves her comfort zone, or maybe just finds a new one ... adding touches of gospel soul and classic rock to her tried-and-true alt-country" Curtis Ross, Tampa Tribune. Wade Tatangelo of Creative Loafing calls Boogaloo a "beauty and a brilliant folk rock affair ... (her) strongest album to date".

All four recordings contain mixtures of haunting vocals, earthy rhythms and sweet tones which have earned Ms. Pulley a place in the hearts and CD players of an eclectic base of music fans. With years of experience playing all types of venues from coffee shops to festivals, performing solo or with a band, she'll be sure to leave you transfixed in the moment, as she has done to listeners all over the country.

Notable Mentions

2008 - Back To Boogaloo, DEBUT ALBUM OF THE YEAR - 3rd Coast Music, John Conquest
2008 - Back To Boogaloo, TOP 20 CD, KRVM Eugene, OR
2008 - Back To Boogaloo, Top 20 CD, WMNF Tampa, FL
2008 - Best Career Milestone for Back To Boogaloo by the editors of Creative Loafing
2008 - Main Stage @ Florida Folk Festival, White Springs, Florida
2008 - Fandango Bandango Festival @ SXSW, Austin, Texas
2008 - Received an Honorable Mention award in American Songwriter magazine for her song, New Mexico
2007 - Voted as the Best Singer/Songwriter in Creative Loafing's Reader's Poll
2007 - Rebekah featured on the cover of Creative Loafing as one of Tampa Bay's Top 10 Female Artists
2007 - Songs Of Southern Zen, was the #6 CD played on WMNF 88.5 FM
2006 - Tropical Heatwave Festival, Tampa, Florida
2006 - Fandango Bandango Festival @ SXSW, Austin, Texas
2006 - Songs Of Southern Zen, was the #4 CD played on WMNF 88.5 FM
2005 - Voted as the Best Singer/Songwriter by the editors of Weekly Planet (now Creative Loafing)
2004 - Fandango Bandango Festival @ SXSW, Austin, Texas
2003 - Here In The Real World, was selected as the Best Local Release by the St Petersburg Times
2002 - Voted as the Best Acoustic Act by the editors of Weekly Planet (now Creative Loafing)