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Ricky Wilcox and the Moonsnakes

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Ricky Wilcox

Ricky Wilcox…is a versatile and popular St. Pete musician and has toured the US, Japan, Germany, and Canada. In 2010 Ricky’s song ‘Insignificant’ from his CD monkeyshine was featured in a recurring story line on the ABC soap “All My Children.” Locally, he might be best known as a former member of the notorious Deloris Telescope. An award-winning drummer, he appeared behind the kit in the John Travolta movie The Punisher (don’t blink!). Ricky’s
also had song placement on two BAAMO (Bay Area Arts and Music Organization/ compilation CD’s, Tales of Highways and Low Roads featuring “Drive On” and Power to
the People featuring “Ronda Ronda,”(Ronda Storms– don’t be a hater!) The Moonsnakes feature some of the area’s best known and finest players; Steve Connelly (guitar), Rick Boucher
(drums), Jim Brown (bass), Bill “Julio” Barrett (keys) with Ricky on guitar and lead vocals.

“Last Day On Planet Earth”: Ricky Wilcox and the Moonsnakes; A smart mash up of sweet thoughtful Americana and rocking’ midwestern Power Pop…Ricky Wilcox and his Moonsnakes lyrically ponder the mysteries of love, spaceships and the afterlife…with plenty of sing along melodies and big hooks…(Sunshine Drenchy)

“Last Day...great music and right up my alley-wonderful songwriting, it rocks, it’s loaded with one irresistible melody after another, and tons of gorgeous vocal harmonies. Can’t get enough
of it!”
Duncan Strauss, WMNF Radio

Previous press for Ricky Wilcox:

Tampa Tribune 2011: “…Wilcox's Moonsnakes merged jangle pop and Merseybeat seamlessly…”

St. Petersburg Times: “MONKEYSHINE Pinellas County's Ricky Wilcox has been a staple of the local scene for 20 years, playing drums in the revered alt-rock Deloris Telescope in the 1980s and now fronting the Moonsnakes and making a solo name for himself. Monkeyshine… is chock full of power pop confections such as the irresistible Shangrila with its sugary chorus and even sweeter meaning... Wilcox is a talented writer, a terrific singer - dig those gritty vocals on Hollow Tree, a sad and punchy ode to what
could have been, a tune that laments, "I wish you could have known me better..." ”Gina Vivinetto

Tampa Tribune “POWER TO THE PEOPLE...Another fine compilation, this one with a protest theme. Targets are both global and local, with approaches ranging from dead serious (Ronny Elliott’s “I Don’t Hear Freedom Ring Anymore”) to dead funny (Ricky Wilcox & the Moonsnakes’ “Ronda Ronda (Ridin’ the
Storms Out)”). ” Curtis Ross

Focus mag.: “Ricky Wilcox eases back into the current scene with an outstanding pop release, with all the right sounds-jangly guitars, thick backbeat and effortless harmonies...”

Weekly Planet: “Deloris Telescope drummer and Soupy principal Ricky Wilcox finally brings his soulful power-pop ambitions to fruition via The Moonsnakes. Think about an intelligent mish-mash of Britpop, Americana, and early 80’s Athens smart jangle and you’re on your way. Evocative, poppy stuff.”

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