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Another Roadside Attraction (Roanoke, VA) aka "Roadside"

Genre: Eclectic, Blue Ridge Cabaret / New Vaudeville, Carnivale, River Boat Steam

“Another RoadSide Attraction hails from Roanoke, Virginia, but they could have just as easily stepped out of Coney Island in the mid-1950s, or a forgotten diner along Route 66, or any number of dusty midwestern traveling carnivals. They evoke boardwalks, midways, sideshows, World Fairs, and all the best elements of true Americana. It is scientifically impossible to go wrong with any band that features both a kazoo AND a ukulele, and if you're able to watch them without cracking a smile and tapping a toe, then you should probably consider checking your pulse. ”
— Ben R. Williams, Director of Guerrilla Programming at Studio Roanoke , Studio Roanoke

"They (Another RoadSide Attraction) have created a family and have built their lives around that which they love to do. When I go over to one of their houses they always seem to be practicing, writing, making costumes, gear, instruments or manufacturing their own merchandise. A lot of people talk about passion and devotion to craft, but I have never seen this level of commitment. This is a band of true believers. I have seen them at work. They know how to get things done and they know how to have fun doing it. Without these two qualities any band is doomed....You have to love their aesthetic. I like to call it Steinbeck/Through the Looking Glass. These guys don’t put on costumes to perform. They go to bed in them, they wake up in them, they go to Grandma’s house in their costumes."
- Geoff Conley, Lucid Press

"ANOTHER ROADSIDE ATTRACTION('s) signature sound is equal parts gypsy jazz, vaudeville, circus funhouse, and riverboat steam, rattled around in a boxcar for a couple thousand miles, served with sangria and sausages."
- Charles Alan Reynolds III, of SatelliteKill Orchestra


Meet the music makers and dreamers of dreams!

Jordan Rivers - vocals, songwriting, guitarron, guitar, musical saw, harmonica, mandolin, accordion, box of wrenches, kazoo

Lucy De Los Rios - vocals, songwriting, ukuleles: (concert resonator, baritone, & 8-string Tenor), guitarron, the clockworks, kazoo, tenor banjo, giraffe

Charlie Gibson - the clockworks trap kit, back up vocals, songcrafting

Richard Harvey - fiddle, tenor banjo, songwriting

Joy Truskowski - vocals, songwriting, melodica, doumbek, guitar, flute, spoons, maracas, mouth trumpet, the thunder machine, Boots

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