The Hideaway Cafe - St Petersburg's Original Listening Room! 1756 Central Ave, St Petersburg, FL 727.644.7895

Sound Parlor

Saturday, June 18, 2011 8:00pm

Join us welcoming Sound Parlor back to the Hideaway stage!

Doors open at 6. Music starts at 8. Come early and get a bite to eat!

Sound Parlor Bio

The tale of Sound Parlor has humble beginings in the town of St. Petersburg, Florida. Our journey starts with Danny Scordato, a young man who passes the time playing the guitar. Danny was quite content playing music by himself, but little did he know what
was afoot. He began studying the piano at a school for the arts, which brings us to the bit of the story where Alex Merrill is introduced. At this point Alex is a small bowl haired pianist much like Danny. However, Alex has been taught only classical music and therefore undergoes two years of training of all that is rock. Somewhere around this time they meet one of the strangest and foul smelling species in all the land. These are known as drummers. Her name is Andrea Tafelski, though she doesn't quite smell that bad. Andrea was the last missing piece to this puzzle of rock. Though they aren't quite rock are they, It's more of a jazzy rock with funk undertones.