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Through the Eyes of a Child

Showdown Week: 
Week 2
Kids grow up so fast. It's a shame, really. The sense of wonder, awe, curiosity, and imagination disappears, replaced by seriousness and the stresses of being an adult. We lose the ability to see the beauty and magic in the world around us. This song is an encouragement to kids to stay just the way they are. And maybe even more than that, it's an invitation for all of us to look again through the eyes of a child.

Little girl, don't let your smile fade away
Don't let them tell you you're too old to play
Your big blue eyes are full of wonder
I can see straight to your soul
So pure and unashamed

So play in the rain, don't be afraid to get your dress dirty
So talk to the birds, don't even worry if you might look silly

Your job is to run
Your job is to dance
Your job is to grow
Your job is to dream
Your job is to explore
Your job is to hope
And don't lose your endless curiosity
Don't start to take yourself so seriously
Cause growing up is overrated

Little girl, don't let your dreams fade away
Don't let them tell you there is only one way
Your little mind is like a sponge, soaking in the world around you
Everything is so new
You're excited about every little bug, and every little thing you see
Cause everything's an adventure, all these things I never see anymore

So play in the rain...

Your job is to run...
If we could see through the eyes of a child once more
Just to be uninhibited and free once more
Cause growing up can be so boring

And let your heart change your mind
And let your soul decide sometimes
Cause that is the part of you where the child still resides

So play in the rain...

Your job is to run...

Jennifer Morrison
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Jennifer Morrison