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Florida based singer/songwriter and frequent visitor to Key West, Steve Tolliver, has just released a new CD called "Songs in the Key of West". The CD is a unique collection of songs about the southern most town in the U.S. Inspired by real people, places and events, Songs in the Key of West was written over a 10 year period and numerous trips from his St. Petersburg home to Key West.

Written by Steve Tolliver and Produced by the talented John Kelly, each song tells a story that locals and tourists alike can relate to. "End of U.S. 1" is about 4 people Steve encountered on one trip to Key West. A cab driver who owned a business up north, came down on vacation and never left, a cute young bar tender who dropped out of college and ended up at the end of U.S. 1, a panhandler who’s creative sign says (instead of Will Work for Food) "why lie I really want a beer" and lastly the street musician who sits on the corner with his dog who wears a hat and sunglasses. All of these characters were drawn to the End of U.S. 1 for their own personal reasons.

Steve’s musical influences are Bob Dylan, John Mellencamp and of course Jimmy Buffett. Steve jokes that he actually wrote these songs for Jimmy Buffett but he just dosen’t know about it yet.

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