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Friday, 10/5 - Moors & McCumber w/ Renee Proffitt; Saturday, 10/6 - Bryan Elijah Smith CD Release

Hey Local Music Lovers,

What an incredible week of music so far! We kicked the week off with Living Room Live's first Tuesday, followed on Thursday by Dean Johanesen's in-the-round, with Dean sharing the stage with Christee Lenee and Troy Youngblood. Thanks to everyone who has taken the stage this week and shared your original music with us! We have an incredible weekend to usher in...starting tonight:

Thursday - Florida Folk Festival Live Recordings; Friday - Luke Andrews CD Release; Saturday - Matt Burke w/ Rebekah Pulley

Hey Local Music Lovers,

We have a real treat for you tonight with a special live video recording and showcase! Join our audience for the Tampa Bay area's top folk artists at a special live video recording session. Dave Allison and I will document these artists and their Florida songs with video/audio recordings suitable for their Florida Folk Festival applications.

Featured artists include: Pete Merrigan, T.C. Carr & Vinnie Seplesky, Tom "Skid Row" Scudiero, Ronny Elliott, Dylan Cowles, Sandy Atkinson, Ray Villadonga, The Jim Mason Trio, Rebekah Pulley & The Reluctant Prophets, Dawg Peter Pat, Scotty Lee, Fiddlin’ Greg much talent taking the stage!

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