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The Hideaway Cafe & Recording Studio is St Petersburg's Original Listening Room! The Hideaway Cafe is an original music venue offering craft beer & wine and a simple, yet mouthwatering menu. Come catch an original (often live-recorded) showcase from some of the most talented local & nationally touring musicians.

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The Hideaway Cafe is St. Petersburg's Original Listening Room

We are proud to provide an atmosphere of respect for all artists and an acoustically rich musical experience for music lovers.

Our Story

The Hideaway Cafe was "officially" established in 2009 as a labor of love for owners, John and Nicole Kelly. Having met in Nashville, TN, John, Singer-Songwriter & Studio Engineer, and Nicole, Music Lover & IT Professional, married their individual business ventures with the idea that they could offer a pretty complete package to musicians and an original spot for music-lovers to congregate.

Prior to 2009, Hideaway Recording Studio was owned and operated as an extension of The Kellys' household....in their mother-in-law suite behind their first home and later as the entire 1st floor of their home in Crescent Heights. As all good things tend to do, the Hideaway and its talented musician-base grew and branched into a commercial space in 2008, with the primary focus being studio recording. In this space, it became apparent that the Hideaway could offer more to its studio clients in the way of showcasing their finished product to an audience. Hence, the migration in 2009 to 1756 Central, where the concept grew into a space that would accomodate a listening room style music venue...The Hideaway Cafe...a perfect complement to the studio. In 2010, the venue expanded a bit more, doubling the occupancy and accomodating yet another one of John's artistic passions....food! And while music will ALWAYS be the main entree, the hope is to satisfy more than just their audience's hunger for ORIGINAL music!

The Hideaway Cafe has been privileged to welcome hundreds of local and national acts to its stage since the doors opened in 2009.  See our ARTIST PAGE for the complete picture of the amazing list of talent that has taken the stage here!


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